Gravestone of Frederick and wife Lizzie
Gravestone of Noah and wife Elizabeth
Flinchbaugh machine The "York"

"The York"
A 20 HP Gasoline Traction Engine
threshing and plowing

Manufactured in 1910
Frederick Flinchbaugh
Frederick T Flinchbaugh  son of Noah and Elizabeth born 1872 died 1948
Married to Elizabeth Clebish born 1875
Buried at the Greenmount Cemetery York
Noah Flinchbaugh son of Daniel and Mary born 1841 died 1902
Married to Elizabeth Taylor born 1841
The father and mother of Frederick
Buried at the Greenmount Cemetery
Frederick Flinchbaugh worked for the AB Farquhar Co
Frederick completed his apprenticeship in 1892

The picture below is when he worked for the York Manufacturing Co of York - about 1893
Frederick Flinchbaugh at AB Farquhar's
The Flinchbaugh factory

The York
Manufactured By
Flinchbaugh Manufacturing Co
York PA

Gasoline Traction Machines - NOT Steam Powered!
A Very New Idea back then!

This is the place in York that Frederick Flinchbaugh produced 
"The York"  Traction Machines (Tractors)
The location now says York Shipley, Kings Mill Road and Northern Central Railroad
Latter they moved to a larger building in Greencastle PA.

Click Here to see the what the Original Flinchbaugh Building looked like

Frederick T Flinchbaugh is the one in the second row, second from the right /wearing a hat -  pushed back
Another page of our Flinchbaugh ancestors

This page is about the Flinchbaugh family in York Pa that made early tractors called

"The York"
Go to the York Industrial & Agricultural Museum to learn more
Below are the gravestones of this Flinchbaugh Family in York

Daniel Flinchbaugh and wife Mary Grimm Flinchbaugh,
Daniel born 1815
Father of Noah Flinchbaugh
Buried at the Lebanon Lutheran Church
Frederick Flinchbaugh son of  Melchior Flinspach and Sophia Rembold Flinspach .  Frederick Flinchbaugh born in 1764..
Buried at the Lebanon Lutheran Church

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US Patents on some of there Machines